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What is the Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS)?

The QRIS is a voluntary, tiered quality improvement and rating system that aims to:

  • provide a systematic means of assessing the level of quality in licensed early childhood care and education programs.
  • support these programs in continuous quality improvement in the care and education they provide.
  • provide families with information about the quality of early childhood programs to assist in making informed child care choices.


  • identifies standards that are associated with high quality in early childhood programs.
  • provides a standardized quality assessment process that uses reliable and valid assessment tools to determine the degree to which a program meets these standards.
  • generates QRIS Quality Assessment Reports for participating programs, based on their assessments.
  • assists programs in developing their Quality Improvement Plan, including specific goals for quality improvement.
  • provides support to programs to achieve goals identified in their Quality Improvement Plan; support includes:
    • targeted quality improvement coaching;
    • Quality Awards- a lump sum award based on a combination of assessment results, staff qualifications, and number of children in a program; and
    • Quality Improvement Grants-competitive grants.
  • provides a QRIS administrative system and infrastructure that supports the assessment and improvement process.

QRIS Design Proposal

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