Each community is unique. Having an informed understanding of a community’s characteristics and needs helps in the planning, implementation and evaluation of programs and services aimed at supporting the quality of life of its people and overall community well-being. The University of Hawai‘i Center on the Family’s 2019 Community Profile Series presents measures of quality of life and community well-being for 42 communities throughout the state, as well as state- and county-level data. Each community profile provides the most current data organized into five key domains: family and social environment, economic well-being, education, health, and community. The individual profiles can be used as a tool to assist stakeholders in making data-informed decisions as they serve their communities.

The 2019 Community Profile Series is the latest edition of the Community Profiles, and previous editions include the 2018 and 2003 series. In 2018, the Center on the Family worked in collaboration with the YMCA of Honolulu, to create profiles for 11 communities surrounding the YMCA branches on O‘ahu. The first series was completed in 2003, providing community-specific data for 43 school complexes across the state.

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Community-specific data for selected indicators and population and housing characteristics are provided for 42 school complexes, each of which includes a high school, all of the elementary and middle schools that feed into that high school, and the geographic boundaries that surround each of them.

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The geographic boundaries used for defining community, the definition and meaning of each selected indicator, data sources used, and the methods of deriving data at the community level are presented in the technical report.

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