Junior Specialist in Program Development

Miller Hall, Room 103




Ivette Rodriguez Stern is a Junior Specialist at the Center on the Family, University of Hawai‘i. Ms. Stern is a social worker by training, now specializing in macro level practice related to child and family well-being. Her work integrates research and extension activities and focuses on assessing and evaluating the conditions of children and families in Hawai‘i through the use of program data and social indicators for policy and program development efforts. Her work also focuses on family resiliency, especially in the presence of economic strain, and on promoting the practices that strengthen families and foster their well-being.


M.S.W., University of Hawai‘i


Yuen, S., He, S. J., Ripke, M., Stern, I., Kadir, A., & Yuan, M. Y. (2006). Excellence in Extension Award from the College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources, University of Hawai‘i.

Yuen, S., He, S. J., Kadir, A., Stern, I., Kim, S. Y., & Ripke, M. (2004). Association for Communication Excellence Silver Award for Center on the Family Web site.

Areas of Interest

Social indicators, child and family well-being, family strengthening research and outreach education to support families.

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